My name is Kit Bhatt. I’m currently in my 2nd year of university, studying Finance and Engineering. I’ve been a part of SMIF for a year and a half now, and I’m currently on the sponsorship and investment teams. This is a bit about my experience at the recent Trade-a-Thon.


Trading has always puzzled me slightly, although I could make sense of things in the medium to long term, I could never make sense of the seemingly random movements in prices in the short term. Everyone seemed to have his or her own methodology and it was all a bit confusing sorting out what advice I should and shouldn’t take.


After attending the Trade-a-thon last year, things started to make a bit more sense. The Trade-a-thon is a SMIF-run event where you come in and trade virtually on your personal laptop. Highly experienced and talented members of SMIF’s investment team provide teaching and guidance on how to trade throughout the event, which runs during the London to New York market hours, with the most profitable traders earning a prize.


During the trade-a-thon, I learned lots of basic and in-depth trading strategies through the written guide provided by SMIF and also talking with the helpful investment team members. At last year’s Trade-a-thon, I ended up making a few profitable trades but an overall loss.


During this year’s Trade-a-thon, I similarly was greeted by excellent support from some of the highly talented investment team members (being on the investment team myself now, I also got the chance to help others), and developed some of my own trading strategies. This year I made many more profitable trades, ending with an overall profit but not quite enough to take out the prizes.


After attending the event, it has definitely cleared the confusion with regard to trading in the short term. I got the opportunity to learn and understand some of the basic trading strategies with the help of the investment team members. I also got the opportunity to develop and trial some of my own trading strategies. I genuinely feel much more comfortable trading now.


I’m definitely going to next year’s trade-a-thon, hopefully I can take out 1st prize this time!


Kit Bhatt